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Matt Hill is a composer based in Los Angeles, CA. In 2006, he recorded an album of minimalist acoustic guitar music which was released on Kill Shaman Records. During this period, he was also a touring member (playing bass and synth) of the space rock/drone project Expo ’70. 


In 2008, he started a project under the name Umberto inspired by horror film scores. Since then, he has released albums, performed throughout the US and Europe, and scored several films under the Umberto moniker. Over the years, his music has deviated from the original horror score influence.


As a recording artist, he has released albums on labels such as Thrill Jockey, Milan/Sony Music, Not Not Fun, and Death Waltz Recording Company. He's also recorded several collections for Ultraphonic, a London-based production music company through which his music has been used consistently on the BBC stations as well as other TV networks throughout the world. 


His live performances have included bills with some of the same film composers he was influenced by such as Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, and Alan Howarth. He’s performed live re-scores to some of his favorite movies at several film festivals including Beyond Fest (Los Angeles, CA), the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Summer Cinema at Muzeon Park of the Arts (Moscow, RU), and MondoCon (Austin, TX). He also performed at the very first Cinematic Void event in LA for a screening of Burial Ground


His re-score for the 1982 slasher film Pieces is an alternate score option on both the Grindhouse Releasing and Arrow Video releases of the Blu-Ray. After seeing a screening/performance at the 2012 Glasgow Film Festival, the post-rock band Mogwai released the music on their Rock Action label. 

In 2020, he scored SpectreVision’s Archenemy starring Joe Manganiello and Glenn Howerton, directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer. Previous films include Blumhouse/Hulu’s All That We Destroy, and Crude Oil (an official 2019 Sundance Film Festival selection). In 2018, he scored a series of short horror films for Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Other works include short documentaries, VR projects, and advertisements.

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